Amazon Prime Day 2024: Tips on How to Maximize Your Savings

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Updated: January 4, 2024

There is no more need for speculation on Amazon Prime Day this year. We are delighted to inform you that Amazon Prime Day 2024 will be held on July 11-12, as officially announced. Get ready to enjoy two thrilling days of outstanding discounts and offers from Amazon in July!

Amazon Prime Day offers exclusive discounts and deals to Prime members every year. There’s no better time to save money than when you can score rock-bottom prices on items.

15 Tips for Saving Money on Amazon Prime Day Deals

Only some know how to get the most out of Amazon Prime Day deals. The best Amazon Prime Day deals are soon here, so keep reading for tips, tricks, and secrets.

#1 Create a Budget & Shopping List in Advance

Formulating a budget comes first when preparing for Prime Day. You must recognize its importance. 

For instance, consider how many times in the past when you bought a product you did not intend to purchase because you couldn’t resist the temptation. You can avoid repeating history by considering your budget and creating a list of items you look forward to buying this year. 

Follow these incredible tips if that feeling of can’t-leave-that begins to creep in.

#2 Watch Out for Amazon Prime Day Early Access Deals

It is essential to know that even though Amazon Prime Day is just weeks ahead, the big online market is already sending early access deals. Amazon makes fantastic offers, especially in-house items. 

The promotions are in the banner at the top of Amazon’s home screen. Therefore, to catch the prime day early deals, you need to keep scrolling through as the day draws nearer. You might be surprised to see something on the list you created.

#3 Set-Up and Customize Your Amazon Notifications

Scrolling and waiting for the products on your list to pop up is an excellent practice. But it can be tiresome, so there’s a way you can go about it. Just sign up for Amazon notifications. You can customize them so that Amazon will inform you when your desired product appears. 

Once you receive the notification, add them to your cart and proceed. Here’s how you can subscribe to the messages on the Amazon App.

How to sign up for Amazon notifications:

  • Open the App
  • Click on the three stacked lines icon
  • Hit “Settings”
  • Click on Notifications”
  • EnableYour watched and wishlist deals notifications
  • Add the items on your list to your Amazon wishlist.

You can also receive Amazon notifications through your browser. You only need to download the Amazon Assistant extension. Then you can enable the notifications under settings.”

#4 Make Use of the Promotions

Getting a coupon to save even more of the discounted products is far better than only a discount.

Fortunately for you, Amazon offers such promotions. For instance, for spending $10 on small businesses, you can earn yourself a $10 Prime Day Credit.

This tip gives you a chance to save your cash while you also get to promote small businesses. But, of course, it works even better if you plan to spend your money.

#5 Do Your Prime Day Shopping with or without Membership

How to access Amazon Prime Day Deals 2023

The fantastic deals on Amazon are only for Amazon Prime subscribers. That means your chances of being part of the party are low if you are not part of an amazon prime membership.

But if you’re only interested in attending the party on this one day, there are various options for getting in. Some ways are easy and free, while others may require a fee. 

Ways to Access Amazon Prime Day Deals 2024

  • Sign up for a 30-day free trial. Once you can shop on Prime Day, you can cancel the membership. That is often effective when you are new on Amazon.
  • A family member who happens to be an Amazon Prime member can also add you to Amazon Household. That gives you the same privilege as an amazon prime subscriber, including shopping on Prime Day.
  • You can sign up for a six-month free trial for Prime students at a $7.49 monthly fee after your trial ends.
  • As a Medicaid card holder, you may acquire a Prime membership at a $6.99 monthly fee.
  • Alternatively, you can acquire a regular Amazon Prime membership for $14.99 monthly.

In all the above options, feel free to cancel the subscriptions once Amazon Prime Day ends.

#6 Download an Amazon Gift Card

By downloading a gift card worth $100 or more, you can save $10 on your Amazon purchases as part of the Amazon Reload program. If, during Prime Day, you plan to buy goods worth more than $100, this is your best chance of getting a 10% discount on your overall price.

However, you must be a Prime member to participate in this promotion. Moreover, this must be the first time you reload your gift card balance.

#7 Benefit from Your Amazon Prime Cards

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Card gives you extra rewards when you purchase specific items on Amazon during special promotional periods. You’ll receive additional bonuses when you make a qualifying purchase. You do not get the extra rewards if you use the card for Subscribe and Save, Installments, Prime Wardrobe, or Amazon Fresh purchases. 

Amazon Prime Store Card and Prime Secured Card holders with an eligible Prime membership can also get additional rewards for a limited time. This promotional offer includes the 5% or 2% back you already earn with the card, plus an extra percentage back during the promotion. This offer only applies to net qualifying purchases and cannot be combined with other offers. 

#8 Watch Out for Amazon Lightning Deals

Amazon has fantastic deals in their ever-changing Lightning Deals package, but the challenge is that they are only available for a limited time. Sales must be claimed and purchased before expiration, or the deal will be lost.

As sales on specific products expire, they add new items, making it a cycle. As a result, you need to be swift with these deals.

Suppose you miss out on a deal because it sold out; you can join the waitlist. You will receive a notification if the item is available again or if someone who had it in the cart failed to purchase it.

#9 Inquire from Alexa

In previous years, Amazon occasionally offered exclusive discounts to Alexa users. 

Alexa is a device that allows you to inquire about Prime Day deals. In addition, it will give you an overview of some sales that Amazon features. 

If Amazon has the same this year, you can ask Alexa about the available deals.

#10 Use Cashback Websites

You can use Cashback Websites like Rakuten and More to shop for Amazon Prime deals while getting cashback.

#11 Maximize Points earned by using Credit Cards eStore

Some credit cards with point systems allow you to earn points on Amazon purchases if you click on a link to Amazon through their eStore; for example, the Aeroplan Program eStore.

#12 Analyze the Price History for Maximum Savings

A deal is not worth much if you don’t save much by taking it up. For this reason, you need to be a keen analyst of the products on sale. However, if you are familiar with particular items, you can trace their pricing history to know whether the Prime Day deal is worth your money.

CamelCamelCamel is an excellent tool for tracking Amazon prices, showing price fluctuations, and displaying historical best prices. With this information, you can make a wise decision on whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

Analyze the Price History for Maximum Savings on amazon

#13 Make Price Comparisons with Other Retailers

Other retailers might have offers that beat Amazon’s sale price during Amazon’s Prime Day Sales event. Remember that Amazon is not the price leader at all times. Do not assume that the Prime Day deal is the ultimate savings opportunity.

While you can take time to manually go through competitor retailers’ websites to view their Prime Day prices, there’s an even more accessible alternative. 

By installing the PriceBlink plug-in for Chrome or Firefox, you will get automatic alerts if there’s a better price for the product you view on Amazon. To make it even better, you can pull down the Compare Prices menu to consider the specific charges on your product from other stores.

#14 Price Match Amazon Prime Day Deals

Instead of waiting for your product to be delivered, you can ask your local retailer if you can price match an item. 

#15 Amazon Deals Forums and Subreddits

Instead of weeding through the Amazon deals yourself; you can utilize the collective power of the Internet. Some of the key places to receive info are:

A Bottom Line from Financial Freedom Guru

As much as Prime Day can be overwhelming, a little preparation can save you much hassle. You can end up saving much more on discounted products. All you need to do is stick to your budget and avoid indulging in unnecessary purchases.

Ekaterina Redko

I have always wanted to live a full life without stressing out about money. After finishing university, I started work and soon realized that my salary didn’t match the kind of life I wanted. I took a side hustle, hoping it would make me wealthier – it didn’t. I still had to live paycheck to paycheck. Why? I wanted to figure this out and did it.

The truth is that it is not the amount of money that makes you wealthy, but the way you manage it.  My problem was the lack of proper spending habits and discipline with money. I created a  budget and started saving. Budgeting took me a lot of time and effort, but that was worth it.

Now I understand that how much you save is way more important than how much you earn. Saving is one of the core principles of building wealth and achieving financial independence.

With Financial Freedom Guru, I’d like to share my knowledge and experience of managing money and building wealth. I hope that together we’ll manage to pave the way towards Financial Freedom.

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