Loyalty Program Apps to Track Credit Card Rewards

Loyalty is a powerful gift to both customers and brand companies. The companies grow and retain market share, and repeat customers are rewarded as the relationship is built. For consumers, loyalty may be split among multiple brands, especially when it comes to credit cards. People select credit cards that match their various needs. Many of them offer miles or points. Even if you’ve already developed a system, it can be difficult to keep track of them. As a result, we tend to forget about our miles and rewards until just after they expire. Fortunately, there are several loyalty program apps available that can help you keep track of your credit card rewards. Most of them are available across multiple platforms on your cell phone or personal computers to make them more accessible.

Top 5 Loyalty Program Apps For Android and iOS of 2020

Here are a few of the most helpful ones.

Track Credit Card Rewards


Availability: iOS, Android, computers

Cost: free; or get the Plus version for $30/year

This is the most popular application for tracking reward points and frequent flyer miles. AwardWallet tracks rewards for more than 700 loyalty programs via cell phones and computers. Simply sign up for an account and add the information for your loyalty program. AwardWallet will track credit card rewards, airline miles, and other loyalty accounts for you. The app will inform you when your balance changes and sends a notification when your points are nearing expiration. It also makes visualizing your rewards easier. You may review a chart of your rewards balances over time and export the data to Excel.

There is both a free and paid membership to AwardWallet. Most users find the free access sufficient to their needs. You can track your points on up to three accounts. However, if you find yourself needing more, the paid membership costs $30 per year. Going for the paid membership means you can follow up on an unlimited number of accounts. It also grants access to a tool that analyzes credit card spending and lets you maximize the points you earn.

Points.com Loyalty Wallet

Availability: Sign up via desktop, accessible via a free mobile app

Cost: free

The core business of Points.com is to provide technology and support to companies that offer customer rewards. Through the Points.com Loyalty Wallet, customers can keep an eye on, exchange, and redeem their points. While they require customers to sign up via a desktop computer, points and rewards can be monitored on their app. Unfortunately, it does not support as many rewards programs as AwardWallet.

The app lets you check all your rewards balances using a single login. The credit card rewards tracker is displayed as a consolidated dashboard, with real-time updates. Points.com claims to offer the same security as a bank when it comes to your account information.

The Points.com Loyalty Wallet has some additional features which helped land it on our list. It has an exchange service that lets you convert points or miles between loyalty programs. This can be helpful if you’re the kind of customer who wants to consolidate points to earn rewards faster. It is also a great option to prevent points from expiring or putting unused points to good use. However, you should be aware that the exchange rate between rewards programs may not be favorable.

One additional advantage is that the Points Loyalty Wallet lets you redeem your points for gift cards from several retailers. Feel free to convert those points to cards from Amazon.com, Starbucks, Best Buy and Target.


Availability: Android and iOS

Cost: free

Stocard allows consumers to track their credit card rewards in a mobile app. It then creates a digital copy of the loyalty cards for ease of use. Reward cards are added by entering the account number manually or by scanning the barcode on the physical card. The digital card can then be used like the physical card at the store. Stocard enables customers to look up current balances, and sign up for new rewards from the app. It also locates the store closest to you and identifies deals and coupons based on your shopping habits.

Key Ring

Availability: iOS and Android

Cost: free

Like a physical keyring, the app Key Ring allows you to keep your rewards cards all in one place. What makes it better is that it presents customized offers, discounts, and deals based on how and where you shop. This means that you can view a store’s sales and coupons even if you don’t carry the store’s loyalty card. Key Ring also searches for additional information that may help you save while in the store. The search function on Key Ring will help you locate specific products, and the best deals available for that product. Don’t forget to use the Nearby Tab to see which stores around you have discounts and deals before you shop.

Tripit Pro

Availability: Android, iOS, and desktop

Cost: Initial 30-day free trial, then $49/year

Tripit Pro is a little different, in that it also organizes your travel plans. It can get as specific as detailed daily itineraries and provide notifications and real-time flight alerts. This is in addition to tracking your credit card miles and points. Tripit Pro’s sophisticated program allows you to forward your rewards statements to their email address. It then populates your account with information from the statements to build your loyalty profiles. Even better, it will send you alerts when your rewards are nearing expiration. Other features include the ability to share your itinerary with others, a built-in seat finder, and flight refund eligibility alerts. For easy use, your Tripit Pro account is accessible via your phone or computer.


Not all loyalty program apps are created equally. It’s just as important to ensure the app you download is the one that best fits your rewards needs. Using the options mentioned above should make tracking your rewards much easier. You’ve earned the rewards; let the apps do the hard work for you. Your job should be to enjoy the benefits.

Roman Zelvenschi

I started a digital marketing agency Romanz Media Group Inc. 12 years ago. Running my own business quickly taught me the importance of cash flow. Making sales was not enough, I had to have money in the bank to pay the vendors, staff and personal bills.

During those early stages of the company I learned how to get creative with debt and to save on interest cost. I paid for everything I could with a credit card to both get more points and to extend the payment date by 25 days (credit card grace period). I then utilized a 0% balance transfer offers to rotate this debt.

I learned a lot during this process and made a lot of mistakes. My key lesson is that the most important part of being financially independent is how much I managed to save, rather than how much I earned. Staying disciplined with savings and tracking spending is not easy and I tried many different methods to stay on track.

FinancialFreedom.Guru is a side project where I and my staff are trying to share the practical knowledge on how to understand finances and to build wealth.

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3 years ago

By not owning more than one good rewards card :). there is an opportunity cost when you spend time tracking rewards card. One may well spend that time in running part time business for eg shopify.

3 years ago

I just keep a spreadsheet on my computer and notes on my phone

3 years ago

I just noticed points.com dropped support for a number of rewards programs… I wasn’t really using it much but still a bummer…

3 years ago

I use AwardWallet It tracks just about every award program. Very convinient, like it