About Us

Financial Freedom Guru was created by Roman Zelvenschi and a group of real people who want to build Wealth. It is that simple. We have diverse earning backgrounds and different ways that we spend our money.

What unites us is a goal of financial independence through Wealth Creation. We believe that with proper understanding, discipline, and patience anybody can achieve this lucrative goal of not worrying about money anymore. As we go through this journey we use Financial Freedom Guru as a way to organize our knowledge, share it with the world and learn from our readers.

Our Core Principles

Savings Rate. Our goal is to maximize our savings as early as possible. This allows us to use the compound interest returns in our favor.

Big Decisions. Some financial advice starts with the example of “savings of $5 on daily coffee.” We don’t really spend $5 on coffee as it is, to be honest. We also think that paying attention to the biggest purchase decisions like a house, car, insurance and bank fees is what matters the most.

Real Life and Frugality. We often hear about dedicated people who ate ramen noodles, rented out every room in their house and are debt free by age 28. While we admire them, we realize that this type of frugality is not for everyone. Our goal is to structure our lives in a way where we still spend money on what matters (travel, weddings, experiences), but do it in the most efficient way possible.

Who Financial Freedom Guru is Best For

Wealth Creation Beginners. The core of the website is tailored to people with good to great credit history who are still beginners to the world of Wealth Creation and want to understand it better.

Wealth Creation Intermediates. Perhaps you are already a guru at compound interest and your budget planning is always on point. You might benefit from the financial calculators we have and the highlights of the latest financial offers.

Who Financial Freedom Guru is Less Suitable For

Still Building Credit History. If your credit history is not there yet, you can still benefit from our articles but we suggest the first step of action is to create/repair your credit history. Some of our content will highlight how to do just that, but there are other more detailed resources available.

Professional Investors. If you can calculate smart beta and NPV of future cash flows, most of our website is discussing what you already know. Feel free to look around the website and share your knowledge and success stories with us.

If your goal is to achieve financial independence while still living your life and you are looking for somewhere to start – Welcome to Financial Freedom Guru!