Pay off Mortgage vs. Invest

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Pay off Debt vs. Invest: Investor Mindset, Emotions, and Math

There is a straightforward mathematical answer to this question, yet it is one of the most commonly debated topics. If you follow Dave Ramsey, he puts great emphasis on paying down the mortgage, but only after that you can start saving 15% and it works for a lot of people. The debate happens because along with the math you have to consider psychology and emotions.

This video will cover the psychological aspects, the mindset of the investor and then we will do an actual calculation of someone who crushes their debt vs someone keeps, it while investing in a boring way though. That way you can see the difference in the net worth and make your own choice knowingly.


  • What is the video about
  • When to consider investing (investor mindset and emotions)
  • Doing the math
  • Conclusion

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