Buy a New Car or Keep the Old One

New Car vs. Old Car This video is a detailed calculation of: How much does it cost to keep the existing car and keep repairing it? Buying a new vehicle for cash. Financing a new car. Leasing the new vehicle. We ended up buying a new car. At the end of the video, you will Read more

Car Negotiation

New Car Negotiation Tips 2021

New Car Negotiation Tips Find out how to get 20,000 off MSRP for the new car. It was a combination of manufacturer incentives, dealer discount, and negotiation. This video is about negotiation advice and things to pay attention to. Overview Psychological tips Before visiting the dealership Dealership visit After the agreement Helpful Links Auto Calculators Read more

Credit Card Guide

Credit Card Rewards Explained

Win the Credit Card Game Imagine being able to fly the world for a fraction of the price or getting a car of your dreams for 0% interest. Credit Cards are powerful tools that can help you do just that or destroy your finances when misused. A lot of financial experts advise stopping using them Read more

Car Purchasing Options

Car Purchase Options 2021

Exploring Car Purchase Options The worst financial decision you can make is concentrating on the car payment and not seeing the whole picture. It can literately wipe off a million of your retirement nest egg. In the previous video, we talked about all of the costs associated with owning a vehicle. If after all of Read more

How to Handle Sunk Cost Fallacy

Sunk Cost Fallacy: Time to Quit

Sunk Cost Fallacy: Stop Going Down the Road You Know Is Wrong Do you ever find yourself doing what doesn’t feel right, but you are still doing it? Imagine a scenario it is Friday night, you are going to a watch a movie, and you decide to splash on premium seats, VIP package – as Read more

Total Cost of Owning a Car

True Cost of Car Ownership in 2021

Total Cost of Car Ownership in 2021 For a lot of people, the car is the second biggest purchase of their lives and since you buy cars multiple amounts of times – it has a major impact on your retirement and savings. Making the best choice on your car budget and negotiating the best deal Read more

Consistency: Real-Life Methods to Use in 2021

Real-Life Methods to Build Consistency and Discipline in 2021 Being consistent or disciplined doesn’t usually come easily to us. That is why we’ve experimented on ourselves to figure out how to hack our brains a bit. These 9 tips work for us. They are broken down into 3 categories: Keep It Easy; Keep It Real; Read more

Power of Consistency

Power of Consistency: This is NOT a Motivational Video We believe that consistency is an ultimate manifestation of will power and discipline. Consistent effort trumps talent, skills, or opportunities given at birth. If you want to be successful at saving money or pretty much anything in life you have to appreciate the power of consistency. Read more

Compound Interest

Power of Compound Interest In this video, we are taking a look at what the compound interest is and how important it is during a longer timeline. Overview What is compound interest? The big difference: simple interest vs. compound interest Compound interest formula Importance of the compounding period Questions to ponder Helpful Links Retirement Calculator. Read more

Time Value of Money

The Concept of Time Value of Money Time Value of Money is an intuitive concept that means that money today is worth more than an identical sum in the future. Overview Time Value of Money: definition and concept TVM factors: opportunity cost and risk Real-life example Present value and future value Basic TVM formula Future Read more