Credit Card Rewards Explained

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Win the Credit Card Game

Imagine being able to fly the world for a fraction of the price or getting a car of your dreams for 0% interest. Credit Cards are powerful tools that can help you do just that or destroy your finances when misused. A lot of financial experts advise stopping using them altogether. The reality is that using just cash and living without a credit history is incredibly hard.

That is why the goal of this guide is to help you win the Credit Card Game and use the cards for your benefit. Consumers should curate a selection of cards that provide them with the best benefits for their personal needs. There are cards for different purposes: like travel rewards, cash back, balance transfer, and secured cards. Some cards are pretty basic, while others promise you the world with the swipe of your hand.

Our ultimate goal is to let you know how to maximize the number of rewards you receive for each dollar you spend. We call it “Effective Cash Back.” Remember this is each dollar you spend anyway, we don’t spend dollars to get credit card rewards.


  • Why many experts advise stopping using credit cards
  • What the Credit Card Game means
  • About a 121-page Credit Card Guide
  • 3 ground rules to win the Credit Card Game
  • Overall credit card plan

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