Consistency: Real-Life Methods to Use in 2021

Editorial Note:

Real-Life Methods to Build Consistency and Discipline in 2021

Being consistent or disciplined doesn’t usually come easily to us. That is why we’ve experimented on ourselves to figure out how to hack our brains a bit.

These 9 tips work for us. They are broken down into 3 categories: Keep It Easy; Keep It Real; Keep Yourself Accountable.


  • Tip 1: Know your why
  • Tip 2: Incremental changes
  • Tip 3: Stop caring about the result
  • Tip 4: Start today
  • Tip 5: Think long term
  • Tip 6: Visualize hardships
  • Tip 7: Don’t lie to yourself
  • Tip 8: Failure is no excuse
  • Tip 9: Have beacons

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