How to Calculate Car Lease Payment

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Car Lease Payment Calculations

This video is first out of 4, teaching you how to calculate car lease payment. 1% rule. Residual, MSD, Money Factor, Drive Off, Acquisition Fee. Those are all of the terms that go into the monthly payment of your car lease. We had a few videos about car leasing and how it usually tends to be the most expensive way to be inside the car. If you still decided that lease is a way to go, it is imperative to understand all of the lease terms, how to calculate your payment before you even attempt the negotiation. We want to answer common questions like should you live downpayment on a lease, should you use MSD, and how to compare different deals.

Part 2: Car Lease Payment Examples

Part 3: Compare Same Car Class Leases



  • Car Lease Series
  • How Car Lease Works
  • Three Car Leasing Questions
  • MSRP and Selling Price
  • Lease Numbers
  • Money Factor
  • MSD Multiple Security Deposit
  • Capital Cost Adjustment
  • Car Lease Downpayment
  • Taxed Incentives
  • Untaxed Incentives
  • Car Lease Fees
  • 1% Rule

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