How to negotiate a new car deal in 2023

How to Negotiate a Car Deal in 2024

After making all the calculations and being prepared to buy a new car, you must understand how to negotiate a car’s price correctly. Follow these new car negotiation tips to buy a car cheaper. How to Negotiate a Car Price: 5 Psychological Tips #1 Remember that salespeople are regular humans They are just doing their job Read more

Top 5 car purchase options explained

How to Buy a Car in 2024: Car Purchase Options Explained

Did you know buying a car is one of the most significant decisions influencing your financial situation? For a large purchase, you should always look at the total cost of car ownership. One more vital factor to consider while purchasing a vehicle is how to buy the car the “right” way. We’ve evaluated five of Read more

Leasehackr Calculator in 2023

Leasehackr Calculator

Leasing a car is not typically a sound financial decision. However, if you’ve decided this is the way to go, this article is for you. Here, you’ll find out how leasing works and how to calculate your car lease payment with the help of the Leasehackr Calculator. How Leasing a Car Works Let’s assume the Read more

Rental Car Insurance

Rental Car Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

Last Updated on January 15, 2023 When you’re renting a car, the agent will probably ask if you’d like the optional rental car insurance. This insurance is designed to protect you against any financial or other risks should you get into an accident. You don’t have to purchase it from the car rental agency. Other Read more

Leasing a Car

Car Lease

Car Lease BMW 3 Series vs. Mercedes C Class vs. Audi A4 2020 This is part 3 of our Car Lease Series. In this video, we will use the same principles of Car Lease calculation to compare three very similar cars. This is a good video for those new to car shopping and unaware of how Read more

Car Lease Calculation Examples

Car Lease Payment Examples

Civic LX, Chevrolet Sonic, and BMW 740i Lease Payment Examples This is part 2 of our Car Lease Series. In this episode, you can follow us gathering the data that is available online on 3 different cars. We wanted to show you an example of a car that is leased well, a car that is Read more

Car Lease Payment Calculations

How to Calculate Car Lease Payment

Car Lease Payment Calculations This video is the first of 4, teaching you how to calculate car lease payments. 1% rule. Residual, MSD, Money Factor, Drive Off, Acquisition Fee. Those are all the terms that go into the monthly payment of your car lease. We had a few videos about car leasing and how it Read more

True Cost of Car Ownership

What Is the True Cost of Car Ownership?

Updated: May 10, 2020 The actual cost of car ownership goes much further than your monthly payments. Cars need consumables, like gas, brakes, and tires. To keep them street legal, you will also need to pay for insurance and registration. On top of all of that, you also have depreciation expense or how much value Read more


Buy a New Car or Keep the Old One

New Car vs. Old Car This video is a detailed calculation of: How much does it cost to keep the existing car and keep repairing it? Buying a new vehicle for cash. Financing a new car. Leasing the new vehicle. We ended up buying a new car. At the end of the video, you will Read more

Car Negotiation

New Car Negotiation Tips 2021

New Car Negotiation Tips Find out how to get 20,000 off MSRP for the new car. It was a combination of manufacturer incentives, dealer discount, and negotiation. This video is about negotiation advice and things to pay attention to. Overview Psychological tips Before visiting the dealership Dealership visit After the agreement Helpful Links Auto Calculators Read more