Avoid Bill Payment Mistakes

Bill Payment Tips: Build Credit and Avoid Fees

How to Avoid Bill Payment Mistakes Bill payment tips are not something that we were taught at school. While learning to pay our personal and business bills, we made many mistakes by missing payments, incurring Late Payment Fees, and decreasing our credit scores. This video covers typical bill payment mistakes and how to avoid them. Read more

Bank Charges

How Bank Fees Make You Poorer

Banks have become an integral part of our lives. We use banks for everyday transactions, home or car loans, credit cards, and as a way to invest. Each of these products and services has a cost. It’s important to know these costs to ensure you’re minimizing expenses and maximizing benefits. The Biggest Money-Maker: Interest Charges Read more

Avoid Bank Fees

16 Common Bank Fees and Ways to Avoid Them

One of the primary ways that banks make money is through fees. The income earned through common bank fees is used to pay the bank’s operating expenses and to make their profits. Every product and service a bank offers has a cost attached, even the fee-free accounts. These expenses can be triggered once, repeated at Read more